A new Choice For Customers

A new Choice For Customers

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Good Day Everyone

This being my very first BLOG ever it will probably be a hit and miss scenario.

We are a Canadian online store called Ours Variety Store which the name says it all, we have a variety of products form French fry cutters to water shoes for men and women to essential kitchen tools and gardening essentials.

We are located in Toronto Ontario Canada and are excited to have this store as I grew up in a small town and every corner had a variety store but back then there was no online stores to be seen let alone have a computer or lap top and they sold ice cream cones, candy for a penny or 3 for five cents.

Today we have a lot of products but no penny candies or any food items just items that will not perish before delivery.

Here is a link to the website https://ourvarietystore.com/ and I hope you like the items we have and please fill out the newsletter at the bottom of the page and get updates to new product and upcoming specials and the best part is you get 15% of you first order, how cool is that.

Leave comments here if you need more information.

Until my next blog Have a Great day of evening depending on when and where you are.




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